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Monday, March 5

"Be A Happy Runner"

+5 -------------------------0---------------------------- -5

Using the Bergland Scale of + 5 to -5, I was about a -1 this morning before my run and a +1 after. Yeah, a slight rise in blissfulness but no cloud nine. In his article - "BE A HAPPY RUNNER" (Runners World) he claims that the more positive thinking you do - the more positive neural pathways you cultivate. This can lead to more pleasurable runs. I'm not convinced...An influx of neurochemicals (runner's high) can only do so much.
I didn't get enough sleep last night - coffee did help. And I was able to run a fast 1 mile TT, just 10 seconds off my PR but I did not feel happy or energetic.
"As the root from which the newer brain grew, the emotional areas are intertwined via myriad connection circuits to all part of the neocortex. This gives the emotional centers immense power to influence the functioning of the rest of the brain including its centers for thought." Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

I could have recited a myriad of positive phrases this morning... but I guess my pilot was preoccupied....