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Saturday, March 3

World Record Anyone?

Note this up-coming event in Reno, Nevada - run on a treadmill for 7 days!
I can hardly fathom this work-out; but the reward (if you win) is getting your name published the Guinness Book of Records.
I can tolerate maybe 40 minutes on a treadmill before my mind delves into mysterious places. I envision a gerbil on a treadmill and I'm that hapless gerbil. Then I start to wonder what I must look like...What would prehistoric humans think? All that energy expended with no destination.
But if your interested in entering, here are the abbreviated rules:

- A standard treadmill exercise fitness machine.
- It is not permitted to lean on the "handle-bar".
- Must be open to the general public for the duration of the attempt.
- Rest breaks may be taken but they are included within the time.
- Two timekeepers should time the attempt with highly accurate stopwatches.
- A calibration certificate for the treadmill.

So not only have you become a gerbil, you now have an audience that will authenticate your behavior. Good luck!

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