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Thursday, March 1

Half-marathon Getting Closer

Well 2 months down and 2 to go till the Half-marathon.
And so far no injury.

Some actions I employ to keep the long run agreeable:

  1. Get off the road; travel in ditches and over front lawns.

  2. Listen to the FM for variety. (I should uploading some podcasts I like.)

  3. Focus on the white line - feel its smoothness.

  4. Focal point - the halfway mark, give or take a block.

  5. Take inventory of the environment.

  6. Play a kick-ass tune for the final leg.

  7. Self-massage after stretching. (See below.)

Rocking the Calf
Sitting on floor with knee bent, place hands on either side of the big part of your calf, then firmly toss the muscles back and forth. The faster the better. Feels great!

Graph from Breaking The Tape