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Wednesday, March 14

I, Runner

It feels great to have that 8 mile marker behind me! Fast forward to the 13 mile marker! I feel mentally confident I can complete a ½ marathon. The question is, "will my body continue to perform?
I checked out the registration list for the Eugene Marathon last night. It has a handy search tool that allows you to peek into other cities and see who has entered.

Plenty of runners:

  • 5 from New York

  • 4 from Houston Texas

  • 2 from Billings Montana

  • 7 from Chicago Illinois

  • 4 from Sacramento California

  • 3 from Tampa Florida

  • 5 from Calgary Alberta

  • 4 from Vancouver British Columbia (My old stomping grounds.)

  • 1 from Boston

And over 600 from Eugene.