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Wednesday, April 18

Long Run Energy Snacks

On my long run today I tested out Jelly Belly Sport Beans. [Energized Jelly Beans!]
I've been taking a few snacks with me on my long runs as it is recommended that after an hour of running you could benefit from a booster of carbs. I'm still on the fence with this subject, but I must admit I do feel somewhat stronger at the end of my run...

Rundown on 2 products I've tried:
Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Pros: The citrus ones have a snappy taste, [probably from the added Vitamin C.] They are easy to chew and swallow. And there is less sticking to the teeth. They have negligible amount of salt and B Vitamins.
Cons: A bigger candy shape so not as portable. More expensive than the gummy bears I tried. The package is non resealable - I guess I could eat them all.

Gummi Bears (non-gelatin version)

Pros: They didn't melt in my pocket. A soft candy, so easy to carry and consume. Contained real fruit juice with sugar.
Cons: A bit too sweet and I didn't like the green ones. Found they stuck to my dental work +++ They actually took longer to chew up.

Winner -> Jelly Belly SPORT BEANS.

[They have an amazingly serious website for such a small product.]