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Wednesday, April 11

A Runner's Conviction

Conviction is a powerful motivator. I will finish the half-marathon in an upright position.
Today's run was proof that I can do it!
I started out boldly in shorts - my legs stayed cold the entire 11 miles. [Guess I won't need a post ice-bath.]
I used a strategy from Scott Jurek - Don't focus on the miles ahead, center you thoughts on your body, breathing and pace.
[My average heart rate 140]
I actually felt pretty good till around the 9 mile mark. Then my legs turned into rowing oars. Ever try to run on stiff legs? Not a pleasant task. I did eventually recover after a few gulps of water and some gummy bears. I think my quads were just too cold.
17 days till race day and then back to my usual 5 milers.