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Thursday, April 12

My Drug - Running

One of the fringe benefits of running, for me, is the mood altering effects. It's fittingly known as the runners high.
Aerobic exercise appears to increase levels of chemicals in the brain that affect mood.
Endorphins are chemicals released by the pituitary gland which can block pain and/or act as natural antidepressants. Some runners even have feelings of euphoria. [Just look at the crowd of runners right after a race - nirvana!]
One article I read suggested that runners can even become addicted to the sport - just as junkies get hooked on Heroin. The brain really likes that rush of endorphins.
Unfortunately, I read in Managing Your Mind - any mood elevating benefits from exercise were probably strongest when we first started.

I don't manage to reach rapture after ever run... but I know the grass always looks greener.