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Thursday, May 24

Eat Your Peas

This recipe includes two of my favorite foods; peas and pistachios, plus one of my favorite spices - tarragon.
Baked Peas with Tarragon, Yogurt, and Pistachios
I would use a non-fat yogurt to off set the fat content of the pistachios.
[Brown Cow brand has no gelatin.]

Worthwhile Information:

1 cup of peas

  • 117 calories

  • 1 g fat

  • 21 g carbs

  • 7 g fiber

  • 8 g protein!

  • This kewl graph (from NutritionData) illustrates just how
    nutrient density Peas are.
    Score %80

    Once my peas (see below) are ready for picking, I'm going
    to give this recipe a try.