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Wednesday, May 23

Ran 300 miles

I passed the 300 mile mark today - one month sooner than last year.
Elite athletes training for the Olympics can run over 300 miles in just one month!
I credit the extra mileage to the training I did for the half-marathon I ran in April.
Since I'm not in training anymore, my mileage has dropped off a tad. Still doing a weekly long run and enjoying it - no hurry to complete, just stride and relax, take in the surroundings.
My objective now is to continue running injury free !

[I did register for a 5 miler race in July plus I have a crazy 1 mile race coming up next month.]
Interesting article in this month's Running Times.
How Much Mileage Is Enough?
Apparently, there is no further improvement for the runner after a certain number of miles.