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Wednesday, June 13

Remembering Race Days

I wish I had written down the details of my first race. It was so long ago - I can hardly remember the euphoria.
When I read this account of Sarah's First 5 K I was flooded with memories of past races; the good and the bad, the slow and the fast, the weird and the wild!

"The announcer started counting down the minutes, and still more and more people kept lining up. I could barely see the start; I stood on my tip-toes and couldn't see the end. My eyes teared up, and I started stretching to calm myself down."
Thanks Sarah for sharing your moment with us.

Today's run was an out and back (my favorite) 6 miler. 75% humidity made it somewhat warm - wanted to toss my cap off.

start to finish

new cedar fence

2 wagon wheels

lost rabbit sign - sad picture