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Thursday, June 14

Are Runners Green?

Going green is emerging as the #1 fastest growing trend. But how is this affecting runners?
In the latest Runners World there was a story about an Ecomarathon runner. He's a fellow who runs marathons just for the fun of it - taking pictures and picking up trash along the way. Kewl.
Unfortunately, he travels mostly by Jet to enter foreign races. If he wants to be a greener he should be running to his next race.

An article in New York Magazine explores some interesting options for going green.

"Green is the new black. Green is the new red, white, and blue. And green is the new green, or at least a new means of getting people to plunk down more of it. To some, the green consumer is an oxymoron (they might even drop the oxy). The real solution, they say, is to consume less."
Their list includes, a bat house (great idea), a solar powered bag (I vote for anything solar powered) and a toilet-top sink. (I think they use these in Japan.)
Proudly, I can say I have tried #8 and #9
As a runner I think we are already zero-carbon! We can even buy shoes with soles made from rubber tires and shirts, caps and socks made from recycled soda bottles.
Now if I just had time to hand wash my t-shirts and hang 'em outside to dry...