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Wednesday, June 20

River Loop Run

Explored on foot - another local roadway. Incredibly beautiful morn - ran 6.4 miles. I didn't want to stop...
There is not as much traffic now as school is out for the summer - yahoo.
I intentionally ran past the strawberry field but didn't get a chance to find any free ones as the field was busy with pickers.
I was lucky enough to take the Garmin (Forerunner 305) with me. I found I can wear it like a glove in my hand. It is just too big for my small wrists. It helps me keep a steady pace - something I must learn. I never have any steam left by the end of a race - bad!
Forerunner users:
My friend is working on software that lets you see detailed street and aerial maps of your activities from your Garmin ForeRunner. You simply export your history from the Garmin Training Center software. (Affordable too)