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Thursday, July 26

Breakfast For Champions

Cool and cloudy this morning so did a tempo run - speeding gradually to an 8:10 pace. Not bad considering I slept only a few hours . (Insomnia sucks.)
After my run today, I still had a bit of steam so headed out to the field to pick a few blackberries. Most are still firm and rose colored - not sweet enough to eat. But near my own fence (no, I’m not telling you the exact location) I patch of big juicy ripe ones. Perfect topping for my breakfast!

PS. Kept my shoes on…listened to a podcast… picked up trash on the way back.
1 beer can,2 “36 oz” Big Gulp cups,1 flattened Mountain Dew.
[It’s like people walk by and say, “Hey someone tossed their Big Gulp here – I guess I can too!”]