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Wednesday, July 25

Running Barefoot

Elephant foot WIKI imageRead an interesting article [Natural History] this morning while waiting for the Dentist.
It talked about how elephants used their trunks and feet to pick up vibrations in the ground. (Akin to listening to the ground.) They can communicate with other elephants miles away by just stomping their feet.
[Study done by Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell]

“The hearing receptors reside not only in ears, but also in trunks that are sensitive to vibrations, and most significantly feet, which have special receptors for low frequency sound and are exceptionally well innervated.” wiki
The author proposed that at one time humans also listened with their feet - somatosensory. This ability of communication faded as things around us got a lot noisier. A time before cars, jets, televisions, jack-hammers, mp3 players

Perhaps I should run barefoot tomorrow morning?