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Monday, July 9

Questions and Queries

The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "Questions and Queries"
Here is a sample of questions and queries that Google and Yahoo directed to my site for results.

How many miles should be ran in a week?
How many miles should I run?
How many miles to run daily?
Ways to do sit ups.
Sudden increase in heart rate running.
Try out for Nike between the ages of 5-29.
Track pace during run.
Tips on meditating and running.
Treadmill running blog? (noway)
One of my searches asked:

Does the heart muscle get tired like your leg muscles during a strenuous run?

After all the heart is a muscle.
Searching around I found this explanation from
Dr. Gabe Mirlik.
"Your heart muscle gets energy directly from fat and sugar in your blood and even from a breakdown product of metabolism called lactic acid. It is virtually impossible for the heart muscle to run out of fuel unless you are starving to death. "
(So eat something on those long runs - lol)
And from this site A Moment of Science - the actual cellular explanation.
Cardiac muscle is totally different than skeletal muscle. The heart has way more mitochondria - energy generators!
Something I will visualize when I start to tire on my next run.