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Wednesday, July 11

Running Book Review

I finally finish reading Running Within.
There is a lot of wisdom on running and techniques of mastering the body-mind-spirit connection in this little book.
I have always had difficulty relating to my body as part of the whole picture. It's like a second person that only speaks up when in pain. So - I was hoping to unlock some secrets...
It includes a lot of visualizations and affirmations a runner can use. And though I'm not totally sure of this method of mind over matter, the logic in the material was convincing.
(I'm reading yet another book on this topic - Creative Visualization)
The chapter on fatigue was very useful including several strategies on how to fight the beast. They listed distraction first. A method we runners are well aware of. I've been know to start mentally singing a "fight tune" during crunch time.
They also suggest - Slow down for a brief time and focus on your breathing and stride - "Blood lactate can increase and decrease at an exponential rate with changes in pace." Wow
The epilogue of the book was quite touching - Bonding With Kindred Spirits.
"Runners are an unusual collection of moving beings..."
I never really thought of myself in this way until I read this book.
A recommended read.