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Wednesday, August 22

Five Foods I Consume Everyday

Lately, I've noticed a lot of runner’s posts about FOOD.

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So I will jump right in with:
Five foods I Consume Everyday:

Soya Milk

Not cow’s breast milk but processed soya bean juice. Try SILK vanilla and you’ll never go back to regular milk.
I eat before lunch or before supper. Fills you up and keeps you going.
I buy organic mini carrots and keep a good supply on hand. They have lots of Vit A and Carotene which are great for your skin. I also have a juicer and when I feel energetic, I liquefy a couple of pounds for a glass or two of health.
In any form and any amounts. My one weakness... There was a day when I ate a whole chocolate bar everyday. Now I get my fix in somewhat healthier choices like semi- sweet chocolate chips mixed with cheerios – snackville nirvana or homemade chocolate chip cookies. But if someone runs up to me on the street with a free chocolate bar – I will eat it!
Dry roasted almonds, walnuts or pumpkin and sunflower seeds. And no, I’m not overweight.

My body weight over the last 6 years.
Note, I don’t weigh myself very often.