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Monday, August 20

Do You Warm-up Before a Race?

The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "Warm-up."
Instead of standing around waiting for the race to start, they are dashing back and forth on the tarmac. Why are these runners doing this?
a) To tire themselves out
b) To show off
c) To warm up physically and mentally

On non-race days I always walk about 2 blocks and then start off slow. This gives me time to acquaint myself with by body. I don’t know about you, but my body feels different every morning. Ranging from full of energy (to much coffee) to tired, painful, stiff, campy etc...
On race days – besides walking over to registration and then the start line, I really don't do anything to warm-up. (Do a couple of stretches count???)
Galloway suggests for a warm-up: walk 5 minutes and then jog slow for 10 – 20 minutes.

“Our muscle cells don't produce as much energy when they are cold, so we have to recruit more muscle cells early on, which leads to heavy breathing and the sensation that our extremities are made of lead. Muscle contractions produce energy and give off a lot of heat, so as we exercise the cells heat up, increase their metabolic rates, get more oxygen from the blood, and, presto! You're off and running.” - Mr Fit

How do warm-ups benefit the runner?

So the next race you enter – instead of nervous chatter - kick up your heels, do squats, run sideways, or even pull a few cartwheels – WARM-UP!