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Tuesday, August 14

A Lost Dog

It always touches the center of my core when I see a lost dog.
As I ran along the streets yesterday – he shot out of nowhere. A small white dog, running as fast as his little legs could take him. With a fear/ survival stare in his eyes. And then he was gone.
I remember all the lost dogs I’ve seen. I feel sad...I can not help them all.
Years ago,a dog started following me - not too close… He had a mean looking studded collar on. I was worried he would get hit by a car as he darted off and on the sidewalk. (Not something you want to witness.) As I turned the block, a male runner going the other way, passed me. The dog instantly turned and followed him. Of course the person thought the dog was mine; I yelled back, “He’s a lost dog” and scurried away.
I wonder what other runners do when they encounter a lost dog.

Rolling Dog Ranch
A place that cares for animals with handicaps.