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Monday, August 13


The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "VO2."
V02 – no it's not another caffeine laced sport drink. It is a measurement of the amount of oxygen you burn up during intense exercise. So the more oxygen you are able to utilize, the fitter – more efficient your body is.

Your working muscles can take oxygen out of the blood three times as well as your resting muscles.
Room air is only 21% oxygen. A normal resting breath your lungs remove only about 5 percent of that oxygen.
V - Volume
O2 – Oxygen

Ever wonder what a V02 max test involves? Jeff gives an in-depth description of the test and his results. He also includes pictures of himself with the VO2 measuring device on.
(WTG Jeff with a result of 54.3 ml/kg*min.)
So during an intense workout, you a wear a mask that monitors your breathing - measuring inhaled and exhaled 02 and CO2. A fancy formula decides when you’re reached your limit –> your body can no longer burn the oxygen you inhale.

Excellent shape readings are:
Females 35-40
Males 45-49
(values in ml/kg/min)
Lance Armstrong’s VO2 is 85! (LIVESTRONG )


What factor affect your Oxygen?
Your lung's capacity to uptake the oxygen. (Rate and depth.)
Your heart’s ability to pump the blood. (CO)
The capacity of your blood to carry oxygen.
(The delivery of oxygen to muscle cells is limited by hemoglobin, the oxygen-binding protein in red blood cells (this is one of the reasons women tend to have lower VO2 max values than men.) – David Hampson
Your muscle cell exchange rate. (Think exercise as a currency.)

Improve your VO2?
Working out at intense levels – say 85 % level for at least 20 minute intervals; 3-5x a week.
Increase muscle mass – do squats. (Lately, I've been doing 30 squats everyday.)
Weight loss
And if you smoke; STOP now.

I noted on this page that VO2 max amounts drop after age 40…but doesn’t have too – So there!

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