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Saturday, August 11

The Runaways

Since I can’t find a local running group that suits me - I’m going to start up my own.
Not a group, but a gang. "The Runaways" - a gang for people who run to escape the daily ravages of living – to free themselves; to feel better.

M o t to
"I always feel better after a run."
H a n g - o u t
Starbucks - in the Barnes and Noble store.
I n s i g n i a
The Lemming – one jumps, we all follow.
I n i t i a t i o n
Must have a maniacal devotion to the running. Proof of this devotion – old runners, race memorabilia, etc. Must share one hard luck story. And show up wearing baggy shorts.
G a n g C o n d u c t
Remain mostly silent during the run.
Share playlists.
Complete one Sunrise run a month.
Respect each other regardless of the miles.