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Saturday, August 25

Running Under Water

I thought running in water would be more strenuous on the body than a local headwind but apparently it is used as a variety of rehabilitation.

"Pool-based aquatic rehab can help overcome biomechanical alterations in gait mechanics, range-of-motion deficits, swelling, muscular-strength deficits, power deficits, and limited soft-tissue mobility at the site of injury.”
- Jodie Humphrey
The University of Oregon (here in Eugene, Oregon) has just opened its new posh Athletic Medicine Center. Besides having a juice bar, 2 waterfalls, a BOD Pod and numerous flat screen TVs; it has three pools with treadmills in them. Just in time for the Ducks Football season to start. Yahoo!
(The project was funded by Phil Knight – Nike Fame.)

I was wondering if they’re looking for any lifeguards? smile