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Monday, August 27


The ABCs and running series: Today's topic the "X-Files."
Unexplainable occurrences enshrouded by all runners.
Lost Socks
Wormholes may target clothes dryers. Runner’s socks can be found behind refrigerators and under cars seats.
No Proof
You run the fastest race ever. The # on your bib was registered to another runner. No verification that you even ran the race.
You’re standing in-line at port-a-potty station when a total stranger befriends you.
Pirate Treasure
You finally run to the end of a brilliant rainbow only to find a squirrel with a nut.
Rain Control
Just as you get in the door - the rain really starts coming down.
Lucky Mojo
The outside temp is 77.7 f when you leave for a run.
The color of your shorts match a house you run by.
You note an abandoned car along side a field with a parking decal dangling in its review mirror - > “Area 51”.
Your shoe size increases every couple of years.
An elderly superhuman runner passes you at the start of the race; and you never see them again...