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Wednesday, August 29

Today's Run

Amy, over at The Runners Lounge put out the question,
Why we run? ” There were plenty of rationales - some quite entertaining.
I run because I have too. Sometimes my run is my only light of the day.

“There is a connection between being outside and running aimless for miles that keeps me sane.”
I spent today’s 6.4 miles in the early sun – not to hot – just right.
I had an ideal run except my pectorals are sore! I went to a different gym yesterday and tested out a new piece of chin-up equipment. My arms/shoulders are not strong enough [yet] to lift my full weight [120]. Back to the floor for more push ups…

Today’s Litter Patrol
2 Styrofoam cups and a green burlap seat cover.

Start to finish

empty peach trees
squashed plums
dead snake
and a lone runner