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Tuesday, August 28

Connection To The Land

I got up in the middle of the night to watch the Lunar Eclipse. Totality gave the moon a ponderous orange landscape. And as a few bats winged by – a rather rare meditative moment occurred.
Earlier I had listened to a podcast about Zuni Indian runners.
It explained how their running tradition helped them stay connected with the land. (Land they have lived on for 1,300 years.)
It spoke of a spiritual quest – the original “stick race”, and the passing of the medicine pouch from runner to runner...

“The Zuni religiously pilgrimage run barefoot every four years on the Barefoot Trail to Kolhu/wala:wa, also called Zuni Heaven.”- wiki
This connection between us and our landscape is not just the property of the Zuni – but for all runners.
Another reason for me not to take running for granted.
Listen to the podcast

kara_image luna 2007
2007 Lunar Eclipse