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Saturday, September 1

Running Over Garbage

I finally started reading Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte. She follows her own trash from New York to out of state landfills.
[Fascinating read so far.]

"In 1988, there were nearly 8,000 landfills, by 2002, there were only 1,767." - Elizabeth Royte
The landfills were closed not because there was less garbage but due to stricter government regulations.
The race I will be running on Labor Day will take me over one of the City of Eugene’s closed landfills.
Presently, it’s a sparsely vegetated area with an abundance of gently rolling mounds. It offers a wide open view of the Willamette River.
As I run over this part of Pre’s Trail I will mull over what is actually under my feet. And I will be thankful we are no longer dumping our garbage here...

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
O - I better get ready - Game Time in 3 hours – Go Ducks!

As you can see by the map – LANDFILL'S location
– beside the Willamette River -
It was closed in the early 1970's.

Map from - nearbynature