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Saturday, November 3

Commentary on Olympians

I was sad to hear one of the runners during the Olympic trials has died.
Ryan Shay was only 28.
Were we meant to run faster than a cheetah? I don’t think so. Our make up provides us with upright bipedal power for movement.

“… bipedal speed appears less fast than the maximum speed of quadrapedal movements.” - Wiki
But when it comes to the Olympics, push comes to shove. The athletics are under pressure to beat previous records – to be better than the Olympians before. They amaze us with their fortitude and courage. Anyone who has run a marathon knows just how tough it can be on the body, mind and spirit.
Were we meant to run faster than a cheetah? I don’t think so...

2008 Olympic games in Beijing

Meb Keflezighi came in 8th and will not be going to the Olympics next year> He won silver in 2004 Olympic marathon event. His comments after today’s race.
“Like Alan said, I'd like to congratulate the top 3 finishers. I hope they go on to Beijing to represent our country at the highest level they can. It's going to be different than today but hopefully they'll get it done. For me, it was rough. I love New York. They were telling me I love you Meb. I cried. I'm not 24. I would like to have made the team. At about 1:19, both of my calves cramped up. My breathing was great, but I couldn't go on."