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Monday, November 5

Finding our Way

Most runners are explorers. Many times we head out, not really knowing where we are going. While searching for the best route we memorize our surroundings as they pass by… We make mental notes of beautiful ditches and yards or of severed trees and car crashes.
I compare running to exploring. I run down alleys, through orchards – I search for places of solitude or bustle.
Many of us journal our runs or visualize them on maps like Google Earth so we can share with others. They are important to us. Like the tradition of ancient explorers we feel the need to validate our voyages.

Topography (Greek topos, "place", and graphia, "writing")


* For runners in the Chicago area check out this exhibit ->
Maps: Finding Our Place in the World

* Dave is trying to run a different route every time he runs!

map permission of The British Library
I can make out the Great Lakes - What a kewl map.
1755 Map of the British and French Dominions in North America.
John Mitchell
Postcard The British Library