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Monday, November 12

Female Stress Fractures

Reading about stress fractures. Few interesting tidbits I did not know.
There are two types:
1. Fracture bone fatigue
2. Insufficiency bone fatigue

I thought it was just an overuse syndrome – namely fracture fatigue. But the other cause, insufficiency, is seen in females with menstrual irregularities. “Also seen in post-menopausal whose bones are deficient in mineral or elastic resistance.”
The recommended treatment is rest from usual weight-bearing activity for about four-to-eight weeks. Yikes!

Luckily stress fractures amount to only 10% of total running injuries.

Suggestions to prevent stress fractures include:

- Buy less expensive shoes and change them frequently.
[ I need new shoes.]
- Don’t train continuously on hard surfaces.
- Monitor calcium intake (And find out what foods cause calcium loss.)

Vegetarian Foods that contain Calcium:

Sesame seeds, kelp, collards, kale, almonds, filberts, parsley, garbanzo beans, soymilk.

Importance of Vitamin D

Have a great Monday!