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Wednesday, November 21

Mind Over Matter

Pre-race Cognitive therapy...
Not all my thoughts are beneficial.

arrowThe Good

  • I’ve set an obtainable goal – beat my PR by 15 seconds. No problem!
  • My new running pants are like a magic carpet.
  • The runner who passes me has a tractor beam that will tow me along.
  • Every time I smile at someone –they too will have an enjoyable run.
  • I look great.

arrowThe Bad
  • If I don’t beat my PR I’m a loser.
  • I didn’t sleep well – so my run will lack luster
  • I wasted my youth - I’m too old to see any improvements.
  • Who really cares if I run faster anyways? Does it really matter?
  • My shoes are too damn big!

What do you think about before a race?