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Friday, November 23

Yesterday’s Highlights

2007 Turkey Trot
This year they used an RFID system to gather race results. Calling it the Full Automatic Timing (FAT)

This image shows the sensor on the back of my race bib.

Unfortunately there were no detectors at the start. (Duh) So people not at the start line when the gun went off, had incorrect times.
I always set my “on body watch” at the start line and then click it as I cross the finish line for my official time!

The race started slowly -> 1200 entries. I passed 2 girls dressed as foliage…A female wearing a running skirt but she had tights on.
(Did I mention it was only 28F?)

A memorable moment came when I caught up to a young boy – I’d guess around 8 years old, at the 2.5 mile mark. He looked over at me and said, "I feel like I’m going to faint.” I told him to slow down a bit and shorten his stride. (Yeah, like I know what I’m doing.) He just smiled and waved me on. A couple minutes later he zoomed by me – I gave him the thumbs up as he just kept going, crossing the finish line 5 seconds in front of me. Fantastic!

Absolutely an acceptable race for me. I trimmed an amazing 45 seconds off my previous time and placed!
All this with no coffee on board.