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Monday, November 26

My Warm Socks

Sliding into weeks 5-8 of Jack Daniel’s running program. Mileage looks about the same. The set I did today Included a 2 miler set at tempo pace with a 2 min rest then a 1 miler at tempo pace.
I found even after the 10 minute warm-up it took me awhile to get up to my cruising pace.
Probable causes:

  • I raced last week.
  • It's cold out.
  • No pre coffee rush.
I plan on starting back with Galloway's halfmarathon training Jan 1st 2008. I kind of miss those long slow runs…

BTW. One interesting discovery about interval training - it causes weight loss. I’m slipping below 120 despite the holiday snacking. So if you’re looking to lose weight add some interval sets into your weekly runs.

Balega Socks

Have a great Monday.