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Monday, December 10

Does Running Age You?

It’s ok for males to sport a few gray hairs and a few intelligent wrinkles, but for woman – noway; we look old.
I was stunned when I saw a picture of Joan Benoit Samuelson on the cover of the latest Runner’s World. She looks about 70 years old! The article was called -> Joanie At 50:

It might just be genetics, but could all those miles of training also contribute to her weathered look?
I know for sure just being outside in the elements can affect our skin. The UVA rays penetrate deep even on cloudy days. So always wear sunscreen on your face, neck and hands.
And Joanie; “I assume it doesn’t matter what we look like in the end, but how great we feel.”
Joan was the FIRST WOMAN to win an Olympic Gold Medal for the Marathon. (1984)

How Sun Makes Skin Look Old
Above Image (The Denver Post)