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Wednesday, December 12

How I Stay Warm

snowmanIt’s about this time of year when I start to yearn for those warm summer day. Just slip on shorts and a t-shirt and head out for a run. Nothing to pile on except the sunscreen.

When it drops below freezing (0 Celsius) I have to dig out the extra stuff.

  • Under shirt – I have cotton and silk ones - sleeveless.
  • Cotton long sleeve shirt.
  • Fleece vest – a new addition I greatly appreciate. And I love having extra pockets.
  • Rayon running pants - baggy.
  • Headwear- the earband if it’s windy out.
  • Gloves – I end up taking them off as I warm up.
  • Warmer socks - runners are not that insulated.
What Other Runners are Doing in the Cold?

“The trouble with jogging (this time of year) is that the ice falls out of your glass." - Martin Mull

I like this beanie. w00t!