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Monday, December 17

Ever Had a Post-race Massage?

The tables are usually set up in tents – which provide little or no privacy. The runners lay prone getting their sore legs pummeled while watchers pass by.
It’s generally a free service offered by PT or massage therapists. I just have never had enough nerve to surrender to such affairs in public.

Benefits of a Post Race Massage
  • slows down the onset of post race muscle stiffness. (Massage apparently helps flush out that nasty lactic acid.)
  • reduce muscle spasms – by increasing blood flow and oxygen.
  • break up scar tissue – ouch!
  • improve flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in healing.
  • improve range of motion and muscle flexibility. (This sounds rather beneficial.)
  • shorten recovery time between workouts.
  • it feels great!
So I’m going to incorporate this into my list of fresh experiences for the New Year.
Reference - Massage For Runners
Stripping the Iliotibial band video.