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Saturday, December 15

Jump-start the New Year

scuba clipartOn the treadmill at the local fitness center I have a fantastic view of the pool. On Thursday I noticed two people in Scuba Diving gear - tanks etc. Their dark shapes grazing the bottom of the pool. [I wonder how the on top swimmers felt.]
Anyways that got me thinking about the New Year- 2008. I should be trying something different.

To quote Craig Harper, “Get uncomfortable on a regular basis. Take risks. Physically, emotionally, psychologically and professionally… Safe is boring and unrewarding."

Working on my list Craig... Drive a segway, vespa, UPS truck, forklift. Try out for soccer, boxing, rollerblading. Attempt karaoke, foreign travel. Volunteer as a Barista. Enroll in a class, the Dark Ages, archeology, shipwrecks, bird identification?
Escape shyness and explore life.