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Monday, December 24

Finish Up Training Week

I will be finishing up with my training with the Jack Daniels’ Running formula this week... I’ve run about 10 weeks following his Intermediate Red program. It’s been tough but well worth trying out.

Here are a few benefits I found following his routine:

Zero Boredom
I was constantly checking the Garmin for my speed so I would maintain a tempo pace. Plus looking forward to the next rest zone. Running a 2 mile Tempo is not as easy as it appears.
Finish Strong
I found in the 3 races I completed during the training I felt stronger than usual at the finish line.
Weight Loss
If you need to lose a few pounds this is the way to go. I dropped down to 118.
Learn Your Pace
By the third week, I could tell the difference between 8:00 min mile and an 8:30 min mile.
Faster Cruising Time
Discovered my slow pace now is actually 30 seconds faster than previous. Great!

Next week I will start up the half-marathon training program by Galloway in prep for the Eugene Marathon race in May.

Vitasoy eggong
Now it's time to get under the tree and shake presents. Have a great Christmas *

Jack Daniels and Eggnog