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Monday, January 14

Fools Finish Last

On the quest to achieve greatness let’s not forget we are human. Not everyone in a race will come in first; in fact – only one individual.
I remember one occasion - at the end of a race I ran many years ago. An older male runner blazed by me near the end of a 10k. He was panting madly as he passed. I thought to myself, “what a fool,” as I watched him pass. A few minutes later, up ahead, I saw him stagger – fading to the side of the road. I quickly ran by him – as did other runners around me. But there were several runners that stopped - forfeiting their time. Sirens and commotion ensued after I crossed the finish line. I never did hear an update on the runner’s state. He was apparently in pretty bad shape.
To this day, I am still ashamed I didn’t stop and lend a hand. Someday that fool may be me.
This post was spawned after reading - this simple statement- by Catherine - via Problogger.

“Be human - Your readers want to learn about your mistakes, as well as your successes.”

Image NYPL Digital Gallery
Moor, Dmitrii Stakhievich, 1883-1946