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Saturday, January 12

On Running Slower

Running slower is a challenge for me. (Especially when it’s raining out and I just want to get home and have my 1st cup of coffee!) But on my long run days - I must stick to the prescribed menu,”At least 3 min/mi slower that the mile speed you have set your half-marathon pace at.”

Last year I came in 13 minutes faster than my predicted time. So I know the program works.
For a faster than 2hr half-marathon Galloway recommends a goal pace of 8:00-9:19 mile.
Add 3 mins to than = about a 12 min mile for me – excruciating .
(Average pace today 10:08 – way too fast!)
Next week’s Mantra – run slow… smile.

start to finish
stead fast waters
mossy green
a heart shaped puddle