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Wednesday, January 9

GPS Signal Errors

Although I was running faster, my pace remained frozen in time. For some reason my Garmin Forerunner had stalled.
I wasn’t running near any tall structures at the time.
What other disruptions could cause signal fade outs?

From the Garmin site - Sources of GPS signal errors:

Signal multipath
Signals reflected off objects such as tall buildings. Think boomerang.

Number of satellites visible
See this image for all the satellites orbiting the Earth. I guess it’s possible they were being swapped out at the time.

Intentional degradation of the satellite signal
By the U.S. Department of Defense. Yikes!

Ionosphere and troposphere delays
Certain atmospheric factors? It was cloudy, but not stormy. What about a Solar Flare?

In any case, it didn’t last long. Connection reestablished – miles underfoot computed.