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Monday, January 7

Half-Marathon Schedule

Just like last year I will be following Galloway’s Half-Marathon training method. I finished strong last year, coming in just over 2 hrs – so my plan this year is to nip under that 2 hour bar.

I will be following Galloway's 1:59 min Time Goal Program with modifications to his LSD runs. I really don’t want to get injured. He suggests working up to a 17 mile training run. Hell - if I’m going to put that much time in, I might as well be entering the full Marathon. Anyways, I trimmed it down to around 13 miles. The magic number I need to complete to finish the race.

I still have to get my long runs up to 7 miles before I starting the program. I have 117 days to prepare – so no time to loiter.

To win $500 Female finishers will have to come in faster than (1:12:57) Last year's course record. Let’s see now, that’s under a 6 minute mile…

Registration fee: $75 before April 1st
Eugene Marathon @ myspace