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Monday, January 28

Great Parks for Runners

What I think Great Parks for Runners should include:

  • Pathways - These can be regular trails or paved pathways. Please - no cement!
  • Direction Signs - I always seek out signs when I first enter a new park. Many show the lay of the land with directions including the distance.ecola park sign (Bonus!)
  • Pit Stops - That include drinking water and some privacy – if needed. Port-a-potties have become recent stand-ins. I don't like them.
  • Easy Access - There should be plenty of free parking. And entry to the paths from more than one region.
  • Lots of Trees - I like the park like feeling trees give. They provide shade and clean air.
  • Bridges - I know a bit extravagant – but hey, they don’t have to be big. Even just a small wooden deck over a ditch. Just make sure they are designated for pedestrians only... Runners love running over bridges.
Have a great Monday!