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Saturday, March 29

Everyday is a Training Day

Even thought I don’t run everyday – Everyday is a training day.
When I’m prepping for a race there is not a single day go by that I don’t think about some aspect of the challenge.

*Physical* Nutritional* Psychological

Last year while I was training for my very first half marathon, I was totally obsessed with the notion that as I increased the mileage injury would ensue. Every little pain was the precursor to some fatality that would derail me from my goal - > Completing a half-marathon. This year, however, the mental part of the training is vastly different. I know my body can run 13 miles – and feel great at the finish line.
So this year, I’m upping the ante – to finish faster.


Do some form of physical activity everyday. If not a run or walk day; work-out with some weights. When I don’t go to the gym I have an assortment of hand weights (2lb – 25lb), strength bands and a Swiss ball to play with. Include squats and sit-ups.
(I incorporate these 4x a week.)


Try to keep your immune system happy. Eat healthy Foods! You know what the bad foods are. (I won't get on my vegetarian rant.)
Food is Fuel for a runner.
This year I gave up my pre-run cup of coffee. It was not as important as my running/training. (A huge sacrifice for someone who depends on caffeine just to wake up.)
Can’t go wrong:
1 bagel + 1 banana + 1 Tbsp nut butter (about 75 grams carbs)
Bonus Benefit: provides 12 grams of protein


Keep your thoughts untainted, positive and filled with strength. I try to remember what I have already accomplished instead of beating myself for what I have not done.
Practice visualization techniques.
“The ability to visualize a desired outcome is built into your brain… help you succeed in matching that picture with your performance.” Michael J. Gelb
I have a short video clip of me crossing the finish line last year – smiling and cheering. I play this over in my mind when struggling with running just one more mile.