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Monday, March 31

A Course Synopsis

Yesterday, I did a drive-by over the new course for this year’s Eugene Marathon. The route has changed since last year. We (both half and full marathoners) will have to run 9 miles before we get down to the river : (
Nonetheless, this stretch has lots of level wide open spaces.

  • Not sure why we start alongside Hayward Track and not on the track.
  • Takes off downhill but then weaves uphill through old growth homes.
  • Passes two Bakeries and a McMenamin’s pub!
  • Bark mulch trails around Amazon Park. Not sure we can get off road?
  • Only a few hilly areas – see hands on map.
  • Should be water stops at every mile.
  • Mile markers need to be more evident.
  • After we [the Half-marathons] hit the Autzen Footbridge it will be easy cruising!