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Saturday, March 1

Going on Vacation

I’m starting to plan next week’s runs – I will be on vacation! And I have no idea where I will be running. (Kind of exciting.)
Running is a critical part of my life – so I never forego workouts even when I’m away.
So looking forward to early morning runs, sunrises, - going snorkeling and gorging on fresh pineapple!
This is my last running post for the moment.
Introducing a new segment...I will identify and research one new tree each run. No, I won’t be sidestepping into people’s yards – just picking up leaves or twigs along the way.

--- Trees I Run By ---

Today, at the 2.2 mile mark, I passed under a magnificent Douglas-fir tree.

I found this sprig at the base of a very large tree. (For surviving in city limits.) Diameter 2 - 2.5 feet! This grove of very large Douglas fir trees are found in a small area in North Eugene. Why these trees were not chopped down for lumber is unknown to me. But I am in awe every time I run under them.
: )
BTW - It's Oregon's State Tree

National Audubon Society Field Guide To TREES