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Monday, March 24

Powerbar Timeline

I still remember the commotion around their booth after a 10k race. (This was way back during the 80s ; )
There was a couple of very healthy looking individuals behind the table and they were cutting up, what looked like, slabs of chocolate with a guillotine paper trimmer. Everyone in line was given a free 2 inch sample of this new wonder fuel for athletes.
They also gave us a booklet with instructions on how to properly use this bar – apparently you had to eat it with a full glass of water. Maybe this miracle Powerbar could turn us into bright eyed robust runners too.
I did buy a few but ended up eating them for a boost while working night shift. They were just too sticky to eat casually and I would guess, not very good for your teeth.
Reading wikipedia, I recently discovered Brian Maxwell (a Canadian and marathon runner) started the Powerbar Company with his girlfriend, Jennifer Biddulph, a nutritionist who later became his wife.
(It may have been Brain himself handing out those free samples many years ago…)
"This was the first "energy bar" for use by endurance athletes, such as ultra marathoners and cyclists, while competing."
The company eventually earned $150 million before it was purchased by Nestlé in 2000 for $375 million.

Sadly, in 2004 Brian Maxwell dropped dead at the age of 51. (Apparent heart attack.)

Today Powerbar has a pretty serious website detailing all their products and also offering free information on anything from cross training to nutrition. Worth checking out.