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Wednesday, March 26

Torrents of Rain

Today’s long run was particularly unpleasant. I’m not one to complain about the weather but when every item of clothing including cap are soaked and your feet are sloshing about in your runners - that’s when I get mad. This, of course, just made me run faster.
(Sorry Mr. Galloway; my long run was faster than you suggested.)
I did survive. And this quote now makes sense.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Nietzsche

--- Trees I Run By ---

The route I took this morning follows the Willamette River. All along the shore are tall trees with their branches reaching out. They have just started to show signs of life - tiny sprigs with 5 shiny leaves are appearing. They have pleasant medicinal scent to them.
These numerous trees are Black Cotton Woods.
It is easy to link the word cotton to their name because in the spring they produce massive amounts of floating fluffs.
(Not so wonderful if you have allergies.)

Populus balsamifera
Black cotton wood

In the Willamette Valley of Oregon, black cottonwood matures in 60 years or less , but studies show that the species grows well for as long as 200 years.
  • has a resinous fragrance from the sticky buds.
  • this resin has a sweet, balsam odor.
  • the resin from the buds is used for natural health ointments.
  • bees use this sticky resin as a caulking in their hives.
  • the species are endangered in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Ever run with an umbrella?