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Wednesday, March 19

Running In The Rain

A cheery sight. An explosion of tiny pink blossoms.
Nothing shouts out Spring to me more than the sight of the first flowering trees.
In the rain I can even smell their scent before I round the corner. (Running in the rain does have some rewards.)
This beautiful blossom was pinched from a small group of trees along the boulevard.
To note: It is native to central and eastern Europe – not Oregon.

--- Trees I Run By ---

plum flower 3.19.08
Prunus cerasifera
purple leaf plum

  • fragrant.
  • blooms before leaves emerge.
  • fruit attracts birds.
  • one of the first trees to flower.(Around here.)

start to finish

pencil (When did they become not reusable?)
vaseline lip gloss
yellow of a toy truck
blossoms in the puddles...