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Monday, May 12

8 Things You Might Want to Know

I don’t normally divulge personal information in a meme - but Ellen’s post was so revealing I felt obligated to chime in. (Not that I could ever spin such an enchanting tale.) Besides - > I love tomatoes!

Eight random facts about me:

  • I leave a pair of runners at my Mom's place. She keeps them safe. They must be well over 10 years old.
  • I have a foot fetish. Don’t all runners?
  • I still have my first running book. Galloway’s Book On Running. It was like a bible, I referred to it constantly. Now it sits on my third shelf like a good luck piece.
  • If I was a castaway on a lone island I would grow fields of pineapples and tend mountain goats.
  • While I was shopping one day, (carrying a basket) a guy walked over and asked if he could touch my biceps. The pitfalls of working out.
  • I can wear my Livestrong band on my ankle.
  • Listening to Bob Marley while running is cathartic.
  • Kara in Japanese is kuu sora...Kuu is empty deep mind; Sora is sky.