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Wednesday, May 14

Running Under Trees

I love running along this path even though it follows along private backyard fences. The canopy blocks the sun and filters the rain. The branches reach out awkwardly overhead - almost off balance...
In the winter, ponds form at the base of these trees – Ducks splash down as I run by.
Sadly, the city cut down a few of these trees – I guess home owners worried the branches would break off...

--- Trees I Run By ---

  • Snakes were said to be repelled by ash leaves or a circle drawn by an ash branch.
  • Irish folklore claims that shadows from an ash tree would damage crops.
  • It is in the olive family.
  • It is 1 of 16 species of ash in the United States.
  • And the only ash native to the Pacific Northwest.
Pinnate Leaflet
I carried home